The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a blazing fast smartphone with tons of power and features. The Galaxy S3 has been one of the best selling phones on the planet, and has rivaled Apple’s reigning line of iPhones. Now that Samsung has released their new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the market is expecting the best phone yet from Samsung. The Galaxy S4 has plenty of great features and amazing specifications that we cover below, but if you’re looking for the best way to protect your new flagship Galaxy S4 phone, then you will want to get one of the best Galaxy S4 cases we’ve listed below.

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover Case

Samsung has decided to release an official cover for their Galaxy S4 smartphone. Samsung has not historically released cases for their phones, but after the success of the iPad’s smart cover accessory that Apple produces, and the fact that the Microsoft Surface tablet also has a Microsoft cover, it seems fitting that Samsung would custom make a cover that perfectly fits their new smartphone. After all, this phone has a larger screen than the older Galaxy S3, and with the increased screen size and resolution it is important to protect your phone with a great case. Their new case is officially called the S View Cover. It allows you to look through a hole in the cover and see your phone’s screen without having to remove the cover itself. Samsung has created the cover to allow you to see the current time, and also information on incoming calls or updates from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The Galaxy S4 is a smart phone, not just a smartphone. Meaning, it’s one of the smartest built and designed, and it knows when the S View Cover is closed and adjusts how information on the screen is displayed so you can see all the information through the little window. It’s a clever and fun new feature, and a great case.


OtterBox Galaxy S4 Cases

See our OtterBox page with pictures and full descriptions of the Galaxy S4 OtterBox cases here.

OtterBox is a third party case and cover manufacturer that has created some of the best phone cases to ever hit the market. They commonly create their Defender and Commuter series cases to protect phones. The OtterBox Galaxy S4 Commuter Case will have a hard shell composite body with a silicone soft shell surrounding the inner shell. It is a smaller, thinner case that offers quality protection. It is usually less expensive and less bulky than the Defender series. The OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Case is their thicker case that uses a little more protection. It comes with a built in screen protector, and another layer of protection of soft core foam inside the hard shell case. Otterbox now has a new series of cases called the OtterBox Reflex Case that has two pieces that slide together for lightweight, fast protection that is easy to put on and take off your phone. The OtterBox cases are incredibly dependable, and are a great investment to protect your phone. OtterBox is the case that I personally have used for the past five years, and even when the silicone outer shell started to show wear, OtterBox sent a replacement free of charge. They are great phone cases.


Ultra Thin Galaxy S4 Cases

The Galaxy S4 is a great case, but if you don’t need the layer and layer of protection that OtterBox offers, then you may consider getting a smaller, thinner case. These cases are very affordable, and will do a great job of protecting your phone from scratches, fingerprints, dirt, and daily dings. The nice thing about these cases is they come in a variety of colors, so you can either get a less noticeable black or white case, or you can get a fun color like orange, pink, or red to match your car, accessories, company colors, or sports team.

Leather Galaxy S4 Cases

Leather cases have been customer favorites for many years due to their great look and feel. Leather often comes in black or brown, and matches other accessories like your wallet, purse, belt, or shoes. Leather is also very durable, and does a great job of protecting your Galaxy S4 from drops and scratches. Many leather cases can come in other colors, too. They also have faux leather cases for people that prefer faux leather, but still want the nice leather look and feel. Many major case manufacturers have turned to leather for years because it can be crafted for one of the best looking, professional phone cases on the market.


Galaxy S4 Wallet Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a large beautiful screen, but due to it’s size many people prefer not to carry around their phone in a case, and also carry an extra wallet. With these wallet cases, you can carry your Galaxy S4 and keep it protected and easy to access, and also store credit cards, IDs, business cards, cash, or anything else you would want to carry in a wallet. They are often made of leather so they look like any other wallet, and they will definitely save you room in your pocket or purse. Additionally, many have clasps, snaps, or Velcro to make sure the case stays closed so your important items and phone stay secure. Once you start using a Galaxy S4 wallet case, you won’t want to use any other case ever again! Available in black, navy, red, white, brown, and dark brown colors.